Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

Good day my friends! I hope you are all in fine fettle?!

Are we not the luckiest of beings to have evolved with the senses taste and smell and on top of that, to have such an incredible variety of foods available to us from around the world!

I realise this isn’t everyone’s privilege and I am so grateful for my culture, my health and our position in society that enables me to indulge the pleasure of eating and drinking – which I must do to survive! (Although probably not to the extent I food worship)

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When you think of France you think cheese, wine, patisseries and meats; it is synonymous with good food. Our personal experience of food is more international and this is what we try to provide in the chalet, drawing on British, French, Indian, Asian and Moroccan influences to give you varied taste sensations and meat selections throughout your stay.

With more and more people becoming ‘foodies’ we are learning to enjoy more than meat and two veg at home. We all seem to be a little more savvy with our food contents and what we know to be good for us. Almost every group of guests that stay with us at Chalet Bernadine have a specific dietary requirement for one or more of the group, for example we regularly cater for :

  • Pescatarian – No meat except fish
  • Vegetarian- no meat
  • Vegan – No animal products
  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free
  • Sugar Free

grand frais

We are happy to accommodate any request we can and will be adding more ‘alternative’ meals to the menu for this winter and we are very lucky to have such amazing produce here in the mountains. Truly, one of my weekly highlights is shopping at the Grand Frais, which stocks the most beautiful selection of salad, fruit and vegetables and we now have a new Bio (organic) store just down the road on the route to Morzine.

vie clarebio morzine

Many of our guests have enjoyed the cheese and wine the area has to offer so much they want to leave their clothes here and fill their cases with fare from the Haute-Savoie. This is all well and good but there is some confusion as to the restrictions on the size of the haul you can return to the UK with.

So, to clear the matter up for you…

There are no restrictions on the amount of alcohol, tobacco products or types of food you can take back to the UK from EU countries; providing that the goods are for personal use or for gifts. Whilst Switzerland is not a member of the EU it is treated as such in this instance – so fill your boots (or bags) if you are flying back from Geneva!!

There are however, some restrictions when entering Switzerland, so check this out if you fly into Geneva or drive through Switzerland on route to your Alpine Action Adventure and you are intending to bring some supplies. Link for information

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A message from some of our dietary requirement regulars…

“I am a coeliac, & AlpineActionAdventures were extremely vigilant in ensuring all of my gluten free needs, provided tasty meals and even some gf recipe ideas. I completely trusted I could eat gluten free & highly recommend them 😆

Dannii from Hampshire